5 Common Mistakes People Make With Wireless Car Chargers

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, wireless car chargers are a necessity today. Since almost everyone who owns a vehicle has a smartphone, being able to charge your phone in the car while you’re on the way to an important meeting or on a road trip is crucial. 

Let’s face it—many of us rely on our mobile phones so much; hence, their batteries need to be charged fully as much as possible. With a wireless car charger, you no longer need to worry about bringing cords or even a power bank with you—it will take care of your charging needs. 

Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about wireless car charges, such as that they can destroy your phone’s battery. This happens most of the time because many people don’t know the proper way to charge their mobile phones using this type of charger. In this post, we’ll discuss the most common car charger mistakes: 

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Wireless Car Chargers, lets get fter it!!

Letting the Phone Charge to 100%

It may seem like the most obvious and ideal thing to do, but there are exceptions to this rule. Every battery has its unique charging cycles, which means that your battery life will fade slowly if you keep on increasing it. 

Keeping your phone charged to 100% all the time will affect the number of charging cycles, which can eventually affect your battery life. 

What’s ideal is to charge it between 40% and 80%. Maintain this with a wireless car charger, and your phone’s battery life will be optimal. 

Letting Your Phone’s Battery Drain Completely

Why do you do that to yourself? It’s wrong to let your phone’s battery drain completely because this could damage your battery in the long run. When you do this, you somehow calibrate it, which is why there’s a thing called “ghost battery percentages.” 

As mentioned, keep your battery between the optimal range of 40% and 80%

Leaving Your Phone Case On

Some wireless car chargers can charge phones even with the case on, but not all of them. And even if the one you have can do that, it’s not recommended. When you leave the phone case on while your phone is charging, the heat won’t be distributed to the surrounding area, which will cause your phone to overheat. Remember, heat is bad for your batteries. 

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Unable to Install the Car Charger Correctly

Installation of your wireless car charger is a no-brainer, so take a few minutes to install it properly. Usually, it has three installation techniques—on the dashboard, AC vents or windshield. Pick an area that is most convenient to you, especially when driving. 

Not Reading the User’s Manual

It’s common for most people to skim the user’s manual, while some don’t even look at it at all. However, the user’s manual is there for a reason; therefore, read it! There could be special instructions you need to follow; otherwise, you could mishandle it, which may cause damage not only to the charger, but your mobile phone as well. 


Now that you know the common mistakes people make when it comes to wireless car chargers, you can avoid those and make the most of your battery. Also, see to it that you only get quality ones from reputable stores.

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