Best Accessories for the Nintendo Switch

As amazing as the Nintendo Switch game console is, you’re surely going to want some accessories to go with it! The Nintendo Switch is great to play on the go or at home so you’ll be needing the right accessories to be gaming anywhere and everywhere. We at Mobile Fun offer a range of Nintendo Switch accessories to make playing anywhere much easier for you!


Olixar Nintendo Switch Car Headrest Holder and Mount

First of all we have the Olixar Nintendo Switch Car Headrest Holder and Mount which is THE best travel accessory for the Nintendo Switch.


This sturdy and robust car Nintendo switch console holder is ideal to keep the kids entertained while travelling. The car headrest holder and mount is easy to install. The hooks of the car headrest holder and mount can be secured around the metal bars of the headrest. This ensures that your Nintendo Switch is mounted firmly.

The ball joint connection gives 360 degree easy rotation, enabling easy positioning and giving you the the perfect view. The Olixar Nintendo Switch car headrest holder and mount is compatible with cases too.


Nintendo Switch car holder


Olixar Hard Shell Nintendo Switch OlED travel case- Black

Next we have the Olixar hard shell Nintendo Switch OLED travel case in black. The Olixar hard shell Nintendo Switch travel case is the most convenient case to take while on the go. This tough case is water resistant, lightweight and features a handle to easily carry anywhere with you.

The Olixar hard shell case offers plenty of room within the case for you to carry your switch and games too! Take all your Nintendo Switch accessories with you in this hard shell Nintendo Switch case that offers superb protection.

Nintendo Switch travel case


Olixar Nintendo Switch Tempered Glass Screen Protector

If you truly love your Nintendo Switch, protection is a must. The Olixar Nintendo Switch tempered Glass Screen protector is one of the best glass screen protectors for your Nintendo Switch screen.  The ultra-thin tempered glass screen protector offers toughness, high visibility and sensitivity.

With a thickness of 0.26mm the Olixar Nintendo Switch screen protector offers minimal bulk. The 9H tempered high tension glass construction of the screen protector provides enhanced shock protection.

With easy installation, you’ll not be worrying about bubbles appearing on the screen. Some screen protectors cause the screen to look dimmer, causing issues with the visibility. However, the Olixar tempered glass screen protector is ultra-clear and features a 95% light penetration ratio.



Olixar glass screen protector

Switcheasy Powerpack Charge and Play Nintendo Switch OLED

Whilst travelling are you ever concerned that your Nintendo Switch battery will die out? If that’s a yeah, well we have the solution for that. The Switcheasy Powerpack Charge and Play Nintendo Switch OLED in black is the solution for you.

The Switcheasy powerpack provides protection, charging and storage all in one! No need to throw all your Nintendo Switch accessories in your backpack.

Keep all your accessories organised and in one place with the Switcheasy Powerpack charge and play. No worrying about charging the switch as the Switcheasy powerpack pouch charging will allow you to easily charge wherever you are travelling.

Micro-weave water resistant nylon casing protects the Switcheasy powerpack from any spills. With a built-in game pocket, you’ll be able to keep all your games in on place. The power strap feature allows you to carry your powerpack everywhere.


Power pack charge and play


Olixar 12-1 Portable Nintendo Switch game cards case in Black

Keep your games organised and secure all in one place. The Olixar 12-1 portable Nintendo Switch game cards case is convenient for on the go gaming. This Nintendo switch game card accessory makes it easier for you to see your choice of games organised right in front of you.

No wasting time going through your game cards trying to find the right game. The Olixar 12-1 portable game cards case keeps your game cards secure and safe from getting misplaced. The olixar game card case is portable and lightweight so you can carry it around with you whenever you need too.

Games card case



If you want to explore the many more Nintendo Switch accessories Mobile Fun offer, visit the Mobile Fun store, or subscribe to our Youtube channel to see more tech accessories.

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