Google Chrome for Android to get ‘Close all tabs’ warning

To date, numerous new features have been tested on Google Chrome on the Android platform. One such feature that showed up recently is the “Close all tabs” function. However, there are reports that many are accidentally tapping on the option.

As a result, the company has started testing a new “Close all tabs modal dialog” flag. Meaning, when the feature is enabled from the chrome://flags page in Chrome Canary 100, upon selecting the ‘Close all tabs’ menu, it will show a new confirmation pop-up.

Once the dialog appears, users can either press Cancel to not close the tabs, or press ‘Close all tabs’ to confirm.

If you want to try out this functionality for yourself, you’ll need to download Chrome Canary from the Google Play Store, since it is not implemented on the other release channels yet.

Also, it is not clear, when Google will roll the feature out to everyone.


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