Google introduces Chromebook repair program for schools

In the last two years, Chromebooks have become a great way for schools and education institutions to provide their students with access to internet-connected devices. Google has now introduced a new Chromebook repair program to help schools find information and resources about the repairability of Chromebooks.

One of the challenges that school IT administrators face is not knowing which Chromebooks deployed in their school are easily repairable. Google has launched a new website that highlights which Chromebooks have commonly repaired components, like the keyboard, display and palm rest. There will also be manufacturer guides will also show how to repair the devices, find tools to safely fix them, get replacement parts, find training and get system update access if needed.

The Chromebook repair program will also encourage more schools to enroll in training programs for Chromebook repairs that are conducted by manufacturers such as Acer. Some schools will also offer Chromebook repair as an elective course, which can help them save costs while also teaching students valuable skills.

The new website for Chromebook repair resources can be accessed here. Google has also created a playbook that shows how to set up a Chromebook repair program in a school.

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