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If you are a fan of Apple products and a health enthusiast, you might be disappointed that some Apple Watch Series 8 Features may not be included, such as skin temperature and blood pressure monitor, and glucose sensor.

The features mentioned above were predicted by the New York times and also the Wall Street Journal, which placed the idea that the new Apple will have such health-related features that are unique and may have never been presented in the past at all. With the features, users are not only able to measure blood pressure and also keep track of its data at regular intervals, but also used to measure body temperature. The watch could be used to record fertility data as well.

However, the hope of these new features is quenched by the latest news released from Bloomberg. Mark Gutan of Bloomberg has revealed that thorough research is being carried out to implement this idea, but it seems like the task is too complex for now. The tech giant still needs a few more years to make them happen.

In addition, a report by MacRumors shows that a feature for people using the Uber app to book a ride via their Apple Watches will also not be available. The Apple company no longer supports the Uber app. This app has been removed from the list in the Apple store.

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