How to add wireless charging to the Samsung A23 4G

The Samsung A23 4G is a great phone, that has many good features, however, it does not come with wireless charging. Wireless charging can be a great added feature to your Samsung A23 4G, therefore, we will explain how you can add wireless charging to your Samsung A23 4G.


To add wireless charging to the Samsung A23 4G you’ll need a wireless adapter as well as a wireless charging pad. You can purchase the Olixar Samsung Galaxy A23 4G USB-C Wireless Charging Adapter from the Mobile Fun store. How you would use the wireless adapter is by simply plugging in the adapter to your phones charging port. Then you would need to attach part of the wireless adapter to the back of your phone.

After that you’d simply need to place your device onto a wireless charging pad. You can place your phone onto the wireless charging pad, with or without a case, either way it will still charge your device.

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