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Poor sleep quality is no longer a problem for the elderly. With the rapid development of society, people are under more and more pressure, and more and more young people have bad sleep quality, and the heart disease caused by sleep problems is also becoming more and more serious.

1. Why do we need sleep monitoring?

With the development of health education, obstructive sleep apnea/hypopnea syndrome is no longer a rare medical term.

This illness is mainly characterized by snoring at night and sleepiness during the day. The patient will be accompanied by repeated respiratory arrest during snoring, so it will cause a repeated awakening of the cerebral cortex, causing the oxygen content in the blood to decrease, which leads to the chronic hypoxia of vital organs, such as the brain, heart, etc.

When the human body is chronically hypoxic for a long time, it may induce hypertension, arrhythmia, myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, and more seriously, may lead to sudden death.

Therefore, early detection and intervention are of great significance.

2. Who needs sleep monitoring?

1. Habitual/interfering snoring;

2. Unexplained daytime sleepiness or fatigue;

3. Breathing stops or a feeling of suffocation during sleep;

4. Unexplained morning headache or dry throat;

5. Patients with refractory hypertension and diabetes;

6. Cerebrovascular disease;

7. Frequent nocturnal angina or arrhythmia;

8. Unexplained sexual dysfunction;

9. Memory loss, low cognitive ability;

10. Increased enuresis and nocturia during sleep;

11. Postmenopausal women;

3. How can people monitor their sleep?

When we have understood the importance of sleep monitoring, the next step is getting to know how to monitor it. The easiest way to monitor your sleep is by wearing a smartwatch during your sleep. There are so many smartwatch brands and models with the sleep monitoring feature on the market, but not that many can monitor people’s sleep accurately.

DT3 from DTNO.I

DTNO.I, an innovative high-tech company that emerged in the smart wearable devices industry for more than a decade, always puts customers’ interests first, providing the best products and services to all, which indeed benefit people’s life.

All smart wearable devices from DTNO.1 are equipped with the feature of sleep monitoring. Combined with its self-developed app WearPro, smart wearable devices from DTNO.1 track people’s sleep accurately, and the diversified data of sleep conditions will be plainly shown on the app. Users can have information on sleep duration, deep sleep, light sleep, and awake time, and view it on a daily basis, weekly basis, or monthly basis.

Smartwatches from DTNO.I

With data provided by smartwatches from DTNO.1, people can adjust their sleep habits and know which part of their sleep goes wrong.

Reboot your healthy life from owning a smartwatch from DTNO.1. Learn more about DTNO.1.

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