S22 Plus Vs S22 Ultra

So you’re probably wondering what is the difference between S22 plus Vs S22 Ultra and which one of these smartphones is the best one to purchase. Well, we have the answers for you. Although, the S22 plus and S22 Ultra are phones within the same S22 series, they do have a fair share of differences between them.



First of all, the difference between price though not huge, it is expected to be quite different. The S22 plus is rumoured to be around the price of £800+ , and the S22 Ultra price is rumoured to be starting from the price of £955+. So as you can see there is a bit of difference in the price of the phones.


Compared to the S22 Plus, the S22 Ultra will differ in its design. Specifically, the camera design. The S22 Plus is rumoured to have a triple rear camera housing, whilst the S22 Ultra is expected to come with a quad rear camera housing.

Similar to the Galaxy note series, the S22 Ultra will be offering an S pen which will be built in. This really gives the S22 Ultra some added benefits and distinguishes it from the S22 Plus. So, if you loved the S pen in the Galaxy Note series, the S22 Ultra is a phone you should definitely go for.

As for colours the S22 Ultra will come in a few different colours such as green and burgundy which you won’t be able to get the S22 Plus in, however the S22 Plus will come in phantom green which is an absolutely beautiful colour too.

The S22 Plus is expected to have a plastic back, however the S22 Ultra will be expected to have a glass back to it. As you know a plastic back is quite ideal as it is not easy to shatter a plastic back. Due to the flexibility of plastic, a plastic back is a better shock absorber compared to a glass back. However, a glass back overall does look great.


S22 Plus Vs S22 Ultra

The S22 Plus is rumoured to have a 6.55 inch display, with a full HD+ resolution. The S22 Ultra on the other hand will be expected to have a 6.81 inch display and quad HD+ resolution. This will in effect make the S22 Ultra the biggest phone in the S22 series.


The S22 Plus is expected to come with an 8GB Ram and will offer two storage size options; 128GB or 256GB.  The S22 Ultra may offer an 8GB ram or a 12GB ram. But the storage options for the S22 Ultra are 256GB or 512GB. So, if you are looking for a phone that provides a vast amount of storage the S22 Ultra would be perfect. The S22 series are rumoured to not come with a microSD card slot, therefore you’ll be needing a lot of storage if you’re someone who plays a lot of games or has a lot of files on their phone.

Overall there are not any HUGE differences between the phone expect for the built in S pen option for the S22 Ultra, the S22 Ultra having a bigger display and offering more storage. To conclude, I would say that the S22 Ultra would be the ideal phone to have from the S22 series as I am someone who takes a million screenshots, saves a lot of videos and always need to update games. What S22 series model would you go for?

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