Samsung S22 Ultra – Leaks & Rumours

We’re all excited for the Samsung Galaxy S22 series to release and have so many questions on what the Samsung S22 Ultra will feature and when it will be released. There have been a number of rumours, leaks and more on the design, price, display and much more of the Samsung S22 Ultra and we’ll share some of those with you!

Release date/Price

The predecessors of the Samsung S22 were released in January 2021, so we are expecting for this new series to launch in February 2022. There have been some leaks on the Unpacked Samsung website claiming that the Samsung S22 series will debut in the Unpacked event which is on the 9th of February.  It is also expected that the Samsung S22 series will be available in store by 24th February.

As for the price, the previous Samsung S21 smartphones came at the UK price of £1,149 and the US price of $1,199. However, the S22 Ultra is expected to be much higher in price than the S21 Ultra, but that is not confirmed at the moment.




Samsung S22 Ultra

The Samsung S22 Ultra will see a change in design to its camera housing which compared to the previous S21 models will be quite different. Leaked renders suggest that the S22 Ultra will have a distinguished type of rear camera housing. There are to be 3 lens and a flash unit in one square but the 4th lense will be below the flash unit.

However, known leaker named Evan Blass suggests that there won’t be a camera housing at all, and that there will just be raised lenses on the rear of the smartphone. Another feature that is expected in the Samsung S22 Ultra is a built in S pen. This feature may not be available in the S22 and S22 plus models.

Many people are expecting a glass rear for the Samsung S22 Ultra. Renders have also suggested that the phone may have a punch hole camera on the top centre of the display. The Samsung S22 Ultra is also expected to be waterproof and will offer USB type c charging similar to many other Samsung phones.



Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Rumours have claimed that the new Samsung S22 Ultra series will have a display size that will be much reduced, as compared to the S21 Ultra which has a display size of 6.8 inches. There are also other claims that the Samsung S22 Ultra display will feature slimmer bezels and there will be more rounded corners. However, the display size of Samsung the S22 Ultra is still yet to be confirmed.

Similar to what the S21 Ultra offers, the Samsung S22 Ultra will also possibly support HDR and provide a refresh rate of 120Hz.


Specifications & Hardware

Although it is not clear as of yet on what type of hardware the Samsung S22 Ultra is going to offer, people have claimed that it is likely to have the flagship qualcomm snapdragon processor or the next gen Exynos 2200 chipset. All Samsung S22 Ultra handsets will also be compatible with 5G.

The Samsung S22 Ultra is rumoured to offer a 12GB ram and 512 GB storage. There have also been rumours that the Samsung S22 Ultra may offer the option of a 1TB storage. Something that won’t be an addition in the smartphone is a MicroSD card slot.

As for charging, the Samsung S22 Ultra is expected to offer fast charging and wireless charging. However, Samsung have confirmed that that charger will not come with the handset, only the cable will be included in the box. Battery capacity wise, the Samsung S22 Ultra will have a battery capacity of 5000mAh.


Camera Specifications

Rumours have claimed that it is likely that the Samsung S22 Ultra will offer a camera with a sensor of 108 megapixels, which is quite good and will be an improved sensor compared to the S21 Ultra.

We hope you enjoyed this leaks & rumours blog, but keep an eye out for more information on the S22 series. Also checkout our Mobile Fun store for some Samsung S22 accessories, and much more!


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