Samsung S22 Ultra, what’s in the box?

Many are wondering what comes in the Samsung S22 Ultra box and we’re here to answer your questions. Similar to the S21 series which was the first Samsung series to come without a charging adapter, the Samsung S22 Ultra will also come without a charging adapter.

So if you’re planning to buy the Samsung S22 Ultra, you’ll want to consider purchasing some extra accessories. Unfortunately, over the years Mobile device companies are reducing what comes in the box. They have gotten rid of earphones, chargers, cases and who knows what will go next?



What’s in the box? 


So, the question everyone is asking, “what’s in the box?” and we are here to tell you. Within the Samsung S22 Ultra box comes a small quantity of items which are namely:

  • The phone itself, Samsung S22 Ultra
  • The S pen
  • a USB-C type cable
  • Documentation
  • Sim ejector tool

There is no reason to fret as the Samsung S22 Ultra box comes with the S-pen that we all love and of course you’ll get your beautiful device in the box too!


What’s not in the box?

There are a number of items that you won’t find in this box. These are:

  • Charging adapter,
  • headphones,
  • Usb-c to headphone jack adapter
  • Case

Having a Samsung S22 Ultra case is quite essential, because as you know the Samsung S22 Ultra is quite fragile because of its glass back. Other than that, the curved screen smashes easily, so you’re definetley going to need a Samsung S22 Ultra screen protector.

Although, the Samsung S22 Ultra does not offer a charging adapter within the box, they are selling their official block charger which is 45W, so you’re certainly going to get the best quality fast charging with that. You can purchase the Official Samsung 45W wall charger from the Mobile Fun store.

If you’re looking to purchase high quality Samsung S22 Ultra accessories, check out the Mobile Fun store!

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