Top 5 Samsung S22 Ultra cases

With a glass front and back, you’re definitely going to want protect your Samsung S22 Ultra from any drops, scrapes and bumps. Purchasing a phone case is the best step to take to keep your phone safe. There are a range of cases in the market but we’ll give you a list of the top 5 Samsung S22 Ultra cases that you need to purchase.


Official Samsung Smart LED cover case 

Samsung S22 Ultra cases













Be able to do the most with this Official Samsung Smart Led cover case for the Samsung S22 Ultra. With this smart case you’ll be able to view your notifications such as incoming calls, time, date, and messages. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to keep your phone protected from any drops, bumps and other damages.

Other than that, this sleek case offers an integrated card slot and has an automatic sleep/wake function, meaning this case is seriously smart just as it is mentioned in the title. The case is made of an edge coating that gives the case a premium feel as well as providing extra grip. Being an official Samsung case you’re certainly going to get Samsung quality. It is made to perfectly fit the Samsung S22 Ultra without adding extra bulk and providing the best standard of protection for your phone.

You can also get this official Samsung S22 Ultra case in other colours such as Black. Check out the range of colours we have by visiting the Mobile Fun store.


Ringke Fusion X tough camo black case 

Samsung S22 Ultra cases














Next we have the Ringke Fusion x tough camo black case for the Samsung S22 Ultra. This tough camo case certainly gives your phone some added style as well as super tough protection. The case features a 2 part Polycarbonate design and also lives upto military drop test standards.

This easy to slip on design provides maximum protection to your phone, enhanced grip to avoid dangerous drops, raised bezels to protect the corners of your phone as well as your screen, and a slim and futuristic design for you to be able to show off your Samsung S22 Ultra.


Olixar soft Silicone black case

Samsung S22 Ultra cases













This Olixar soft silicone black case for the Samsung S22 Ultra is an ideal case if you want extra grip added to your phone. Sometimes your phone can easily slip out of your hand if your case is not made with a material that provides extra grip. With the Olixar soft silicone black case you’ll be able to protect your phone from any drops, scrapes and bumps.

The slim fit design of this case ensures that there is no added bulk to your phone. This means that you’ll be able to easily slip your phone into your pocket. The added raised bezels on the case ensure that your phones screen is protected from any drops or bumps.


Olixar ring stand tough privacy case


Samsung S22 Ultra cases

The perfect case doesn’t exi-.. Yes it does. If privacy is always your concern as well as having the best case for your Samsung S22 Ultra the Olixar ring stand tough privacy case is the perfect case for full body protection for your phone.

This case also offers a privacy slider for your camera, so whenever your camera is not in use you can always slide on the camera privacy slider. Other than that, this case features a ring stand which you can use to hold your phone more securely or as a stand to watch your shows in comfort without having to hold your phone continuously.

The Olixar ring stand tough privacy case is a two layered case that is strong, durable and lightweight yet offers the best quality protection for your phone.


Official Samsung Clear cover transparent case 


Samsung S22 Ultra cases














Lastly, we have the official Samsung clear cover transparent case which is perfect for you if you want to show off the stunning colour of your Samsung S22 Ultra. This bumper style case provides the perfect protection for your phone as well as a transparent view for you to show off your phone.

This slim fit case is easy to fit on and adds literally no bulk to your phone! The textured surface of the case gives you an added grip, meaning so sudden falls. Another reason why this case is added to our top 5 is because it is QI wireless charging compatible, so there is no need for you to remove your case in order to charge your phone.

If you want to explore through our range of Samsung S22 Ultra accessories visit our Mobile Fun store.

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